The flooring of your home is going to take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Whenever there’s anything sitting on the flooring or walking throughout your house, your floors are being put to use. It’s no wonder, then, that if you don’t properly protect and care for your floors, you might end up having to replace them much earlier than you would have if you knew how to keep them protected and make them last for years and years.

To help you in figuring this out, here are three tips for protecting your new flooring before it has a chance to sustain too much wear and tear. 

Never Wear Shoes Inside

To best care for your flooring, you’ll want to have some ground rules in place for when people are in your home and on your floors.

Arguably the best rule you should implement is to have people remove their shoes when they enter the house. By doing this, there will be far less friction and damage done to your flooring. Additionally, you won’t have to clean your floors as often when you’re not allowing them to get too dirty from wearing shoes on them, which can help prevent even more wear and tear. And, by not wearing shoes inside, your whole home will be cleaner, too. 

Use Rugs, Mats, And Runners

Something else that you can do to help protect the flooring that’s permanently in your home is to put down things like rugs, mats, and runners on top of the flooring. 

Because you have to use the floors of your home, having an additional layer over the top of your flooring will give it added protection. And, if the rugs or mats get stained or sustain a lot of wear and tear, it’s much easier to replace these things than to replace the entire flooring of your home. 

Place Down Protection For Certain Tasks

In most cases, the things that you’re going to be doing on a regular basis won’t cause too much damage to your floors. But if you’re going to be doing things that could be hard on your floors, you’ll want to be sure that you put down some kind of extra protection for your floors.

For things like moving furniture, painting, or bringing something heavy or dirty into the house, put down something like cardboard, protective film, plywood, or other materials to help ensure that nothing gets on or damages the flooring itself. This way, if something were to scrape on the floor or drop onto the floor, there will be an extra layer of protection between your flooring and the thing that could be causing it harm. 

If you have new flooring that you’re wanting to give some extra protection, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in doing this. 

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