Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that suck blood from animals and humans while they are asleep. They are wingless, reddish brown in shade and range from one millimeter to seven millimeters, and can survive for months without blood feast. It is a public health pest though it does not transmit disease but causes havoc in physical and mental health and the economy. Many people are allergic to bed bugs in rare cases, anaphylaxis (severe whole-body reaction). The secondary infection could range from ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitis. Moreover, people who live in bed bug-infested rooms suffer from anxiety, sleeplessness, and systematic reaction.

Attracted by carbon dioxide

Bed bugs are mostly found in bed as they are attracted by carbon dioxide as you exhale, body odor, and heat. After sucking buds, they hide, but pest control in Beaumont Texas, can effectively detect, control, and prevent bed bug infestation. However, this pest infestation is more frequent in developing countries but started in US, UK, and Canada. In the daytime, they are undetected as they hide under bedding, mattress, splintered plaster, and timber floorboards. Pesticides are often unable to completely get rid of bed bugs, so often, pest Control Company deploys IPM (integrated pest management).

IPM is a more holistic approach

IPM is a more holistic approach to pest control that is eco-friendly and uses the understanding of pests and other rational practices. The process involves monitoring, inspection, removal of litter, use of blockade, and minimal use of synthetic pesticides. Bed bugs get easily transmitted from infested places to a new ones through clothing, furniture, bedding, and boxes. Usually, they bite every five to ten days but can survive long without sucking blood. If you buy second-hand furniture and bedding, check if there are any bed bugs in it. Vacuum clean the bed to remove any hidden bed bugs and remove litter from your place, as they are an excellent hiding place for insects.

Diatomaceous earth (DE)

Completely eradicating bed bugs is challenging; often, the small whitish eggs are unturned, so you need professional help from pest control Lumberton tx as they use specialized tools to detect and destroy them. Items that cannot be washed are frozen or steamed; increasing the room temperature through heaters will not kill them. They thoroughly inspect sofas and beds for these insects and place interceptors. Sometimes they use diatomaceous earth (DE), an organic white substance that eliminates insects, including bed bugs. When applied appropriately, bed bugs have to creep through the substance. They apply DE on wall fissures, bed frames, and areas around the bed.

Spraying synthetic version

You need to hire professional pest control to completely remove bed bugs, as they can hide in different places in your home. Some companies pull the furniture from walls, mattresses, and box springs before they start pest control treatment. Other prefer to leave things as it is while starting the treatment. The most effective way to control bed bugs is to combine the chemical signals of bed bugs with a general insect control agent. Spraying synthetic versions of their alarm pheromones in their hiding space attracts them to desiccant dust that annihilates them.

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