Though ADUs impart added value to a property, one may have to traverse some challenging paths to have one satisfactorily constructed. Nonetheless, one can’t but admit that addressing and overcoming these challenges is worth the while – especially considering the gains you will get to reap from owning an ADU. Therefore, it is never a misplaced priority to spare some time to know what these issues are. Moreover, such knowledge will ensure that you are well-prepared for what lies ahead. You will be able to map out relevant strategies to tackle the challenges and have your ADU ready in time. What are these challenges – you may ask? – Read on to find out.

Acquisition of permits/approvals


Quite a host of property owners intending to build an ADU get turned off by the processes associated with acquiring permits. Most of them see the processing as cumbersome – and maybe unnecessarily lengthy. It may take about six months to have the permit granted. So, you will have to exercise a good measure of patience to see this through and maintain close contact/communication with the officials attending to your case at the permitting office. Additionally, you should ensure that you do your due diligence in preparing your request for approval regarding the checklist provided by the regulatory body in your municipality. Preparing a comprehensive request will help you save time – eliminating the need to keep back and forth – and also increase the probability of successfully getting the approval.

Design-related constraints


Based on the findings from a survey, another challenge that you should be ready to address concerns the limitations surrounding design. There are specific standards that must be maintained while constructing a granny flat in San Jose. Failure to do this may see the regulatory body bringing work to a halt and maybe have one’s permit revoked – in some cases. There is a limit on the size and height you can take your ADU to.

In collaboration with the architect/general contractor you are engaging, you should find out what is attainable for your county and work towards keeping to it. In collaboration with the architect/general contractor, you are engaging. Again, there are yet certain restrictions on the parking lot, utility connections, and so on that, you should be mindful of. Let me chip in here that you may need to dig deep to find out whatever hidden regulations that may be applicable. You can leverage the close ties you establish with the guys at the permitting office in this wise.


ADUs are no small projects, and constructing one will certainly gulp some massive money. This, alone, has seen several ambitious property owners desiring to have an ADU constructed. Whether it’s a luxury ADU folks love to have or one that is just minimal, churning a considerable amount of money is inescapable. You can find a way around this by checking what financing resource or instrument is available. Consulting with your financial adviser may be helpful in such an instance.

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