Bed bugs are very small insects that usually cause significant psychological distress to homeowners. While these blood-sucking insects do not transmit disease, they can still freak you out. Experts in pest control Schertz will use the most effective method to get rid of bedbugs entirely. Their approach involves the use of a mix of targeted service protocols, specialized residual products, and precise applications to get rid of bugs from your house as well as offer ongoing control. If you have not contracted these experts, you have probably been believing the common myths about bed bugs. These include the following:

You Cannot See Bed Bugs with the Naked Eye

Bed bug eggs are almost translucent and the size of the young ones can be compared d to a pinhead. However, adult bedbugs are similar to apple seed in terms of size and shape. This means that they can be seen with the naked eye. It is not easy to find these insects because they are great at hiding. 

You Get Bed Bugs Because Your House Is Dirty

No matter how clean your house is, bed bugs can still set up shop inside your house. They do not need clutter or dirt and don’t flourish in dirty homes like rodents or roaches. Their concern is to find a harborage to easily access a blood meal.  If your home has bed bugs, this only means you must call professionals to exterminate them for you as soon as possible. 

You Can Find Bed Bugs Only in Bedrooms

Bed bugs are frequently found in beds since they like to seek shelter close to their source of food. Once their target is quiet and sedentary, these bugs will emerge from their hiding spots. But, bed bugs aren’t only found in the bedroom. They can also be found in living rooms or other rooms where people may sleep or rest. 

They Only Feed at Night

Bed bugs like to feed undisturbed, so they tend to do this at night. But, even if you are active at night, these bugs might just be hiding somewhere. They will adjust their feeding schedule when their meal source sleeps during the day. 

If you get bed bug bites or notice other signs of bed bugs, you must contact a local provider of pest control service immediately. Trained experts know where bed bugs could be hiding and provide solutions to eliminate bed bugs, eggs, and larvae. 

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