The harsh winters of Canada can be difficult to face without proper heating systems in place. Each house has different heating needs. There are various types of heating systems required for winters to go by smoothly. We all know the nightmare of cold floors, being stuck inside the house because there is snow outside, and pipes bursting because of cold. The best way to deal with all these concerns is by installing an in floor heating system. Following are the different heating systems you can consider.

Driveway Heating System

It is normal for snow to get collected in the driveway during winters. When that happens, you have to go through the pain of shovelling and snowing the driveway. Sometimes even thinking about it can send a shiver down the spine. Installing a driveway heating system will help prevent just that. It will lead with the snow and ice buildup. This heating system is installed under the driveway. It automatically turns on and off depending on the temperature. When the sensors on the heating system sense a drop in temperature, the system will turn on. The snow will melt the moment it lands on the driveway, helping to stay clear of snow.

Pipe Freeze Prevention System

A pipe freeze prevention system is a must for your home as it decreases downtime and increases the life of the pipes. During winters, the water tends to freeze in the pipes. This can drastically increase the pressure inside the pipes leading to bursting. Pipe bursts can cause flooding to the property. Installing a pipe freeze prevention system can stop that from happening. It works with the help of self-regulating heating cables which ensure that the temperature is above the freezing point. It only gets activated when necessary. Installing this system can help ensure that you never have to deal with a burst pipe again.

Radiant Heating Systems

Cold floors are the worst nightmare. They are uncomfortable and can make it more difficult to get up on a winter morning. If you love the feeling of warm and fuzzy floors, radiant heating systems are the ideal choice for your home. They heat up the entire room without using the air circulation system, which means that the allergens aren’t spread in the air. This makes it an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies. A radiant floor heating system can be installed in any room, including the bathroom. This heating system can heat the room effectively and efficiently without using much energy.

Roof De-icing System

Ice and snow build-up can wreak havoc on the property. Installing a de-icing system on the roof can prevent this and other issues from arising. This system uses low voltage to clear out the snow from the roof. Once you have installed the system, you no longer have to physically remove the snow and ice build-up from the roof. The system works to remove the snow from the core.

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