Broken pipes or any other situations where you can get a leakage will certainly cause mold if not treated on time. It isn’t as dangerous as some people think but you shouldn’t spend too much time in the infected room because inhaling it can cause problems. There are also many kinds which can be more or less threatening.

Hiring a professional is always a great choice, but most of the issues with mold can be fixed easily. If there is a bigger spread, you should leave it to someone who knows the protocols and safety procedures. Water can be serious on its own but the fungus can stay even if you fix your pipes or other sources of leakage.

Is It Dangerous?

In order to reproduce, it releases spores after digesting organic matter which means it doesn’t need the perfect conditions to maintain itself after it appears the first time. It can decompose plant debris, leaves and wood which is the reason why you should react the same day you find out it is in your house. It is also beneficial to know how to remove it yourself or more importantly prevent it from happening again. Check this article for more information about mold removal and mediation.

If you allow it to spread, it can surely create damage to the structure of a building like walls and roofs or furniture inside the house. But, people are mostly concerned about their health and a good thing is that in most situations it won’t harm you. Individuals that have allergies, respiratory problems or skin and eye irritation can experience issues. While wearing a mask as a plumber would do, you won’t experience any problems.

How to Spot It?

When it begins to grow, it is the easiest time to spot and it tends to appear as small white or black spots. When you clean your house remember to check behind each house appliance because it can be in some places you don’t check that often. Another way to notice it is by the smell that is quite strong.

Basement, laundry room, kitchen and bathroom as the first places you should check if you didn’t visit your house in a while. It’s a very common thing if your place is older and has its flaws. Water dripping is the first sign you have a potential issue that can help grow mold. Stains on the ceilings and walls are the first thing you will notice and that stage is the easiest to clean.

Any wet area is a potential sign if water remains there for a long period of time because it creates conditions for growth. Pools can be a target if they aren’t properly maintained and fountains. A good tip is to check every part of your home at least once a year. Find more information here:


Maintenance is the most important thing if you want to prevent any fungus from growing in your home in places hard to reach. This includes fixing any plumbing problem you have or recognizing it on time because it is usually the reason for bigger issues. Every household should have a plumber that does yearly inspections or you can find an agency that can respond to emergency calls.

If you decided to clean the mold by yourself, you need to make sure it is done properly but also clean the area a couple of times in the next month so it won’t appear again. Using the right products will help a lot and you can find many made especially for this problem. You can also use home remedies with chemicals everyone has in their kitchen.

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