One of the key factors in designing any home or refurbishing a property, is to ensure that everything matches. The windows that are either already in place, or that you wish to install, must match the architecture and the aesthetic of the property in order for there to be coherence of design and a clear image that fits perfectly as a whole. If your current project is refurbishing a property and you are looking to install wooden double-glazed sash windows, or you are in the process of replacing sash windows that have suffered through lack of repair and maintenance over the years, you’ll want to find a good supplier of sash windows to help you make the correct choice that matches your project, the architecture of the building and your plans for interior design.

The design of the sliding wooden sash window has been around in its current form since London in the 1670s. This was around the time that there was a significant improvement in the production of glass and by the 1700s the double-hung sliding sash window was a popular introduction to the marketplace. It is this design that has been modified over time to create many different styles within the frame of a sash window, each suited to different types of structures or architectural design and we see different styles of sash windows to this day, even with the relatively recent popularity of wooden double-glazed sash windows that offer that perfect balance between style and comfort in busy and often noisy urban environments.

One type of sash window are Georgian sash windows that became popular throughout the Georgian era. There is plenty of Georgian architecture throughout the UK, with large areas of certain cities, such as London, Liverpool and Bath being home to Georgian architecture and Georgian sash windows as a result. Victorian sash windows comprise of Victorian Gothic revival that includes intricate mouldings and latticework along the sashes, Queen Anne revival and Late Victorian sash windows that had larger panes of glass within the frames. Other types of sash windows include Bent and Bow faced timber sash windows, Venetian windows and Bay windows. Within every era and type of architecture and sash windows specifically, you’ll find different variations that suits that particular time and architecture. This makes for an interesting decision-making process when looking at potential styles of sash windows for a modern-day project.

Whether you are replacing sash windows that have suffered from disrepair and been in place for years or you are starting a brand-new renovation project and want to look into wooden double-glazed sash windows to match the overall feel you are going for this time round, it is important to find a supplier of sash windows that can match your specific needs, timeframes and budgets. Just any old sash window won’t do in all cases, as there are different types and styles that function in different ways and help to create a unique atmosphere and aesthetic. Ensure you have the correct sash windows for your specific project and the rest will nicely fit into place.

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