When you buy a piece of furniture a lot of thought goes into it. That’s why it’s very unfortunate when your favorite wooden table gets tarnished due to hot chocolate glasses and other types of drinks. Then you’re compelled to search for “furniture repair near me” and get your furniture fixed by a professional. However, prevention is better than cure. Let’s check out a few bamboo coasters that can protect your furniture during this holiday season:

The Details

  1. Totally Bamboo 4 Piece Wisconsin State Puzzle Coaster Set – This set of bamboo coasters is very unique in its appearance. Nope, there’s no peculiar shape. There are four pieces of square coasters that are finished well and act as puzzle pieces to come together and make the Wisconsin state map. The square coasters have a size of 4 inches that makes them large enough to hold any drinking glass.

The coasters also come in a neat case so that they can stay organized in one place when not in use. The map and the artwork on the coaster pieces are laser engraved and represent the animals, crops, and also significant architecture and geographical features of the state.

  1. Juvale Bamboo Coasters 6-Pack – While the above-mentioned coaster set is great, people who aren’t from Wisconsin may not be too fond of it. Instead, you can look at this coaster set from Juvale. The coasters are 4.3 inches in diameter and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. They are also thick enough to not allow any temperature swings to reach the table or desk you use.
  1. Personalized Coasters, Custom Engraved – MOJIA sells this amazing set of coasters for quite cheap. The price is comparable to most other coaster sets in the market and is available in a set of 4 or 6. Completely made from natural bamboo it is extremely light and has been finished to have a satisfying wood grain pattern. However, the best thing about these coasters is that you get to engrave any design you want on them.

You can provide any design or image and it will be laser engraved on the coasters just the way you want it. The coasters are 0.3 inches thick and have taken an extra step to prevent heat transfer to the table. On the back, the coasters have four non-slip pads that further prevent temperature exchange and also prevent the coaster from scratching your table.

  1. Trademark Innovations 3.5″ Square 100% Natural Bamboo Coaster – This coaster set brings you a lot of style on a budget. Despite being budget-friendly, it is made from bamboo. The bamboo is also thick and sturdy enough to last you for a long time. The design is also very unique. It looks like a hexagon with a round depression in the middle to hold glasses. You can also clean them easily since they don’t warp due to water. Simply hand wash them with mild soapy water and then rinse them under the tap.
  1. Seta Direct, Brown Natural Bamboo Coasters – These bamboo coasters are made to be as efficient and practical as possible. While they aren’t the cheapest bamboo coasters on the market, the price is certainly on the lower end. The coasters are made with flat bamboo slats that are secured by cheesecloth fabric on the edges.

The fabric extends and covers the back of the coasters to keep your table free from scratches. The coasters also come with a holder that is made from the same flat slats and stands vertically to maximize table space.

  1. SoBoho Natural Handmade Woven Boho Bamboo Rattan Coasters – The design of these coasters is so unique that you can easily tell them apart in a saturated market filled with similarly shaped coasters. The coasters are made from bamboo rattan and handmade into beautiful flowery shapes.

The way the coaster is made allows it to be flexible. That means even if you use them on an uneven surface, they can hold your drink straight without spilling it. However, this flexibility doesn’t come at the cost of durability. These coasters will last you for a long time. If you don’t want to use them as coasters, they are beautiful enough to act as home decor pieces.

  1. mSAY Premium Quality Bamboo Drink Coasters – Everyone makes bamboo coasters. However, very few are able to make them with such precision and craftsmanship that they can match solid wood in terms of elegance. These coasters are made by bringing together several flat bamboo slats and bonding them with pressure and adhesives.

After that, the coasters are cut in shape and finished to look so amazing. When you pick them up, you can see the wood grain pattern of different bamboo slats on the side. The coasters also come with adorable laser engraved artworks and will belong right at place in any kitchen. Living room, bedroom, or any other place in your home.

  1. CoolZest Bamboo Coaster Boho Coasters – Coolest bamboo coasters are distinct from every other bamboo coaster in every single way. The coasters aren’t fully made from bamboo. Instead, it’s the top layer. The patterns are also very unique. They resemble the center of mandala patterns with satisfying symmetry and geometric shapes.

Under the bamboo layer, there’s a felt back. Felt is ridiculously absorbent. So, even if you spill a drink, you can instantly remove it from the table with this coaster. Felt is also non-slip and won’t slide off due to pressure from the drinking glass. They are also stain resistant. That means your spilled beer, wine or coffee won’t leave any mark if you wash the coaster quickly.


All of the bamboo coasters listed above act as poor conductors of heat and protect your expensive and cherished wooden furniture from getting damaged. If the furniture gets damaged due to some other reason, you can search for “furniture repair near me” and hire reputed professionals to get it fixed.

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