The days of a garden shed being a neglected wooden structure in the corner of the garden used to store gardening tools are a thing of the past. Today, many homeowners are constructing wooden buildings in all shapes and colours imaginable in their gardens, not only to store items but to increase the overall value of their properties. There are a myriad of ways that these outbuildings can be utilised. In this article, we’re going to look at ten ways to restyle your humble garden shed into something amazing; a space of which you can be proud.

Streaming Spaces

Some people enjoy the thrill of gaming, while others prefer to binge-watch shows on Netflix or similar services. This can result in conflict within the home if there is only one screen available or the noise levels are too loud. To combat this, some families have redesigned their garden sheds so that such hobbies can be enjoyed in privacy

Guest Accommodation

A number of homeowners have erected summer houses in their gardens as an alternative space for guests to stay in when visiting. This affords the visitors a great deal of privacy, while allowing the home routines to continue as normal. When there are no visitors, these spaces can be listed on homestay websites, allowing the owner to generate some extra money.

Yoga Studio

The importance of stretching one’s muscles is often overlooked. Some yoga instructors have opted to erect log cabins in their gardens in which to teach yoga to others in their neighbourhood. Focused stretching and mindfulness exercises are a  great way to rid the body of daily stresses.

Sewing Room

Those people who enjoy sewing-related hobbies will tell you that there isn’t always space available within their homes to have their sewing machines out permanently because they simply take up too much space. Constructing a small outbuilding in the garden is an excellent idea for those who enjoy material-and-thread pastimes such as quilting. Some dressmakers have even closed their shops as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and now operate from well-designed garden cabins on their home property

Home Gym

Many people are unable to attend the gym because of national lockdowns. There are others who unfortunately cannot afford a gym membership. Knowing how crucial exercise is, not only for physical health but also for mental wellbeing, some people have renovated the outbuildings in their gardens to make them home gyms. Aside from saving on travel time, the bonus of a home gym is being able to shower immediately afterwards in your own bathroom.

Entertainment Area

You may be this sort of person that loves to entertain but seldom does because there are constant interruptions such as your children watching TV or washing machine churning in the background. Why not consider an outdoor structure such as a summer house or log cabin which can be dedicated to entertaining? You could incorporate a kitchen into this space or prepare the food in your home kitchen and serve it in the outdoor dining area.

Storage Space

Earlier, we mentioned that the garden shed is no longer just a space for storage of gardening tools. You could store swimming pool accessories, barbequing equipment, or even seasonal clothing not in use in your shed.

Pet Home

You may want to invest in a new garden shed – something which will add value to your garden. Instead of destroying your old one, you could convert it into a home for your pets, whether canine, feline, avian, or even reptilian.


While conservatories are traditionally all glass, there are those that have certain parts of the frame constructed from wood. If you have a garden that receives a great deal of sunlight, you may want to consider such a room on your property. Place a comfortable couch within and enjoy the warmth on your face while relaxing with a cup of tea and a riveting novel

Home Library

Staying with books, why not line the shelves of your garden shed and turn it into your own personal home library? This can be a space for both research and relaxation; a quiet room in which to focus on what you are reading without any interruptions.

We hope you’ve found this article to be of assistance and wish you the best of luck with your garden shed renovation project.

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