If you look around any home or office, you will see at least one stepladder being utilised. The stepladder comes in many different sizes and they are made from many different materials. They are a very popular thing to have around the home because they help us to reach places that we normally couldn’t reach. They are especially useful for those of us who are a little bit short in stature and who need a helping hand to reach the higher shelves. The main advantage of the stepladder is that it supports itself and it is extremely portable. Many of them are made from lightweight aluminium material and so this makes it easy to pick them up and transport them anywhere around your home or business. One of the downsides is that they are not adjustable and you can’t make them any taller than they already are. This is why you might see two different stepladders where you just need a little bit of extra height, and you need a lot more.

There are many quality step ladders that can be found in the popular hardware stores and other suppliers and their heights can differ from 4 feet to 20 feet. Many people prefer a stepladder to the more common regular ladder for a number of reasons and we will discuss some of them here today.

* It is self-supporting – This is a great advantage because it reduces the chances of having an accident and falling off the ladder. It is particularly good for use indoors, but it can be used outdoors as well. Many people inside their homes use it to reach the top of the shelf or to help them gain access to the roof space of their home. This means that they can perform these activities without the assistance of another person, and so this is incredibly convenient.

* It provides better grip – Most stepladders come with rungs that have more grip added to them and that provides an additional level of safety that many people want. It gives you essential peace of mind when you start to climb because you know it’s unlikely that your feet are going to slip. This is especially useful when you’re working in wet conditions.

* It provides better balance – A regular ladder requires the user to be able to balance themselves while using it, but a stepladder doesn’t require such things. It is a self-supporting item which has four legs instead of two, and so they are a lot more stable than a conventional ladder.

It is also incredibly lightweight and so is very easy to move around your home or business. It is the perfect answer to your height difficulties.

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