As our beloved ones get older, we need to bulletproof their surroundings. Every room at home needs a careful check for hidden dangers, and the bathroom tops the list! It’s got its own tricky set of risks that make it slippery territory—literally—for seniors. Those pesky falls in bathrooms happen all too often amongst old folks, sometimes with pretty nasty results. 

So let’s agree right now! Safety comes first when it comes to granny’s bathroom, be it at their place or even in senior living communities! This piece will discuss three simple things you can do in your bathroom setup to boost peace of mind and independence for our elderly loved ones.

Proper Lighting and Clear Pathways

First things first, let’s light the place up! We’re talking about good old lighting because as our young eyes grow wiser with age, they are not quite what they used to be. A bright bathroom can dodge a whole ton of tumbles and slips. Cool ideas? Night lights that kick in when things get dark, or even better, make sure there’s plenty of glow on the path leading to your bathroom!

Remove messes like crazy! You’d not believe how many potential trip-ups lurk in all those bath towels and magazines lying around. It’s scary if walking aids or wheelchairs are part of your seniors’ daily routine. So declutter for an open space. It really does wonders for easy navigation within bathrooms.

Grab Bars and Non-Slip Mats

Let’s talk about grab bars and rails. They’re a game changer for bathroom safety. These sturdy friends help when getting in or out of the tub, showering, you name it! Just make sure they’re firmly drilled into the wall at just-the-right height.

Another nifty trick is non-slip mats. Are you slipping over wet floors? Knees don’t need that drama! So put those things inside your bathing area and around places like by sinks where water likes to hang out too often than not. Don’t forget those cool non-slip strips. They work wonders inside showers or bathtubs, adding an extra layer of slip-proof goodness.

Accessible Fixtures and Bathing Options

Time for a bathroom upgrade! Let’s start small – twisty faucets can be tough when hands aren’t as strong, so levers are the way to go. How about raising that toilet seat? You might not think about it, but this simple switch makes sitting down and getting uploads easier.

Moving on to bath or shower time. Consider low-step options like walk-in tubs/showers. They’re just safer all around, with no high steps needed. Add in some practical seating solutions such as transfer benches or shower chairs, which let seniors sit while cleaning themselves.

Don’t forget about handheld shower heads! They make rinsing off quite effortless without needing much reach and stretch from our beloved older ones.


So, there you have it! There are lots of ways to make the bathroom safer for our old folks. Remember, we’re aiming not just at safety but also to help maintain independence with these little changes.

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